About Us

The Greater Vernon Alumni Basketball Tournament is a non-profit sports organization that brings former high school players from School District 22 and nearby cities. This year marks our 3rd annual GVAB tournament and it happens on December 26 - 27, 2017.

Our tournament gives 100% of proceeds to support local high school athletics and annually awards the Trevor Samuel Memorial Scholarship.

Here are some highlights from last year (2016):
· Donated over $4,000 back to our community!
o $3,000 to the athletics departments of winning schools
o $500 GVB: Trevor Samuel Memorial Scholarship
o $500 to Vernon Jubilee Hospital
· Superintendent Joe Rogers' and Mayor Akbal Mund's shootout for charity
o $500 donation made to the winner's charity of choice
· Growing women's basketball in Vernon
We had representatives from nearly all SD22 schools